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Gridiron Football 

Why Us? 

A league the like world has never seen before. Built to inspire change and nurture on and off the field development for the next generation of leaders and role models. 

An experience unlike any other. Focused around character development, integrity, high values, world class venues, exciting family friendly events, experience enhancers other leagues don't have, and creating a strong community tied together by their love for football- a true football family. 


This is what makes this league special. This league is a family run league with a full focus on providing the most they can for your family! The DFW region is managed by 2 families who have a deep love and passion for providing the best possible experience for not just the children, but for everyone attending our events! Over a decade ago our children, as well as us, fell in love with the sport and built a tremendous football family over the years. 

We were team parents at first, then began coaching which led to a team in every division, we built traveling flag football programs and traveled the country, we built leagues, and built charity fundraising programs to ensure no child was left behind. We loved every second of it and made memories as a family that will last a lifetime! We want to share that experience and give you the place to which your family can build those lifelong memories!

The Gridiron Standards 

Our league is built around high standards, values, and the goals to be a service to the community. We hold ourselves to The Gridiron Standards. Striving for excellence in areas of the program such as:

● Customer Service 

● Organization 

● Communication 

● Accommodation 

● Game Day Experience 

● Quality Officials 

● Quality Coaches 

● Customer Memories 

● Optimization 

Year Round Programs 

Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter Leagues. 

■ Spring and Fall are the traditional 6 week seasons with a regular season and an end of season tournament. 

■ Winter and Summer are unique with the season being shorter, only 3 weeks, but designed to provide a lot of reps through league play- tournament style! Teams will play multiple games, following tournament format on the first 2 weekends. Then on week 3 they will compete in a single elimination bracket to determine divisional winners! Shorter season provides more flexibility to families when committing. You can still keep your travel and holiday plans while squeezing in another season of flag football!

Premium Experience 

An actual PREMIUM experience! Over the top in all the right ways.

  • End of Season Tournaments -This event is the culmination of everyone's hard work all season being celebrated at the last event of the season! It's meant to be over the top with special events, multiple championships, music, special guests, vendors, award ceremonies for character, sportsmanship, and MVP’s, and much much more! 
  • Location, City, and DFW championships! Not only will teams be able to compete for their locations Championship but those winners will also have an opportunity to compete in out City Championships (Dallas & Fort Worth). It doesn't stop there! Those Champions then get the opportunity to compete in our DFW Bowl- Dallas and Fort Worth Champions go head to head  to be crowned Champions of DFW!
  • Pro Bowls- Using stats, coach, and player voting we will nominate and select Pro Bowl players from each division to go head to head in a showcase of DFW talent! Pro Bowl games will happen after all Championship games have been played. 
  • Scores & Standing- We go beyond simply displaying the divisional standing. We will also track and record scores so all points allowed, points forced, and over point differential can be displayed! 
  • We will track game stats which opens the door to reward divisional MVP’s each week as well as at the end of the season.  Stats that will be tracked are Passing TD’s, Rushing/Receiving TD’s, Flag Pulls, Sacks, and Interceptions. 

League Integrity 

This is the core of what we're here to do. This is why there is a governing body.

  • We have officials trained to be Gridiron Rule Book experts to ensure the game is managed and integrity of each game remains intact. 
  • We ensure all players are in the correct division with grade verification prior to the season and prior to the end of season tournament. 
  • Field managers are present to ensure behavior stays in line with our code of conduct, games are being officiated properly, and to be there for any conflicts that need a final ruling determination. 
  • Tournaments- Semi Finals and Championship games- We'll always have designated (per field) field managers to keep a close eye on every game during the tournament. In addition we will have 3 officials for the semi final and championship game.

Development Path For All Ages 

Full development path for ages 3-17! Both from an athletic perspective and a character perspective. We offer many different programs that increase development as your child gets older. We also offer events that will help athletes further their skills and development through training provided by professionals. 

● Character development- We believe this is something that should be heavily emphasized and nurtured. As we develop the next generation of leaders and role models we have to think beyond the game itself and reward the outstanding character achievements. As we work to be an asset to the community we want to reward the children, coaches, volunteers, families and officials who are also an asset to the community! 

  • Pre K- Small teams and smaller fields. Your child will learn the basics such as field awareness, snapping the ball, handoffs, introduction to short passing, executing plays, pulling flags, lining up in formations, and avoiding flag pullers. 
  • Kindergarten- 9th grade- bigger field with different offerings based on skill and where they are in their development. We offer both recreational divisions and competitive divisions.
  • Recreational- for beginners and children who want to sharpen their skills before moving to the competitive divisions. 
  • Competitive- for experienced athletes or teams looking to compete at a high level and go against similar skilled teams and athletes. 
  •  High School Divisions- Bigger teams and bigger fields.

  • This division is competitive.
  • A program designed for athletes to continue playing the sport they love. With the growing love of the game across the world, there are now thousands of adult leagues where they can continue even after high school!
  • Alternatively, if they are playing tackle, it's a perfect place to sharpen their skills! 

  • Girls only program! Coed divisions will be available but this competitive division is solely for the girls! A great opportunity for these girls teams to compete to be the best girls teams in DFW! 
  • 7v7- Passing only league. What's been considered a traditionally great skill development program that has helped athletes sharpen their skills with formations and field space that translates to tackle. This offseason (or alternate day during season) program can help tackle teams work on plays and continue to develop under a non contact setting.

Game Day Experience 

We offer a fun, exciting, and memorable game day experience! 

● When you arrive you'll see a fully setup event that feels like a sporting event should! You’ll see fields with clearly defined markings, pylons, cones, scoreboards, down boxes and chains, and designated areas for both coaches/players and spectators! 

● You’ll hear music. You can't have a sporting event atmosphere without a playlist playing that gets the crowd and kids dancing! 

● You'll have Gridiron staff, easily spotted in our bright yellow shirts, as a consistent friendly face there to help with anything you need. 

● There will be a full concessions with everything you typically want to enjoy at a sporting event such as food options, snacks, cold drinks, snow cones, and much much more!

● There will be merchandise tents that will have all the necessities (yes mouthguards for when your child forgets it) and swag to support the league and look cool while doing it! 

Coach Benefits 

Our coaches are the lifeblood of the organization and make direct impacts on the lives of these children which can last a lifetime. A coach can make an impact beyond what a league can offer. We understand the importance of good coaches and want to provide as much as we can to support them and reward them for their invaluable work! 

● Coach discounts- head coach’s children will receive a special discount of $50 off.

● Coach awards- we feel it's important to highlight the achievements of our coaches. You are pillars in the community and your hard work won't go unnoticed! 

● Coach clinics- starting in 2024 we will be offering coach clinics with professional coach instruction. Coming together to continue learning is extremely important no matter the level of experience. Whether a coach has been doing it for 10 years or a parent is stepping up to coach a team, we want to provide these resources!

● Coach accommodations- we understand that our busy lives don't always align perfectly with scheduled game times. We're here to help! If you need any special accommodations such as early or late games, we can make it happen! Coach multiple teams, we will ensure you don't have games at the same time and do our best to ensure you remain on the same field as much as possible! 


Organized league commissioners that communicate well, deliver uniforms, release rosters, & publish schedules on time. There is nothing more frustrating than not having what you need to get the full experience and manage your family's busy schedule! 

● Rosters will be released starting 4 weeks out and will continue to be updated weekly!

● If you sign up at least 3 weeks prior to the season we can guarantee your child's uniform will be handed out at our preseason event 1 week before the season starts. 

● Schedules will always be released for the entire season on the same day we run our preseason event, 1 week before the season. Schedules will not be altered or changed in any way. If we have canceled games we will add additional fields to accommodate those games and will not touch the original schedule. 

● Communication is key for all families and coaches to have a smooth experience. We will always communicate well in advance as to what our season details are. In addition we will remain consistent with weekly emails to keep you informed prior to and during the season! 

National Tournaments! 

National tournaments are held in DFW each year! We have the special privilege of being the home of Gridiron’s National Tournament! These events are very special and extremely memorable to attend! It's a celebration of the sport with teams across the nation traveling to DFW to compete for a National Championship! These events are over the top in all the right ways and are held at world class venues such as the Star, in Frisco!


Gridiron Football - DFW

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