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Frequently Asked Questions about our leagues!                 

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How do I register?

Go to

Scroll over the different seasons at the top of the page

Select the style of play

Select what location

View the full season description

Select the appropriate age group

Complete the registration form

You will have to create an account on the site, and once you're logged in you will be able to view available programs for your child, register as a volunteer, add another player, and receive notifications about the upcoming season!

Why can't I find a league near me?

As of Fall 2023 we have multiple locations throughout the metroplex and we are adding more every season! If you don’t see a league near you, send our local staff an email, and tell us where we should start a league! We may not be in your area just yet, but we are actively seeking new communities to open leagues in. We’d love to bring Gridiron Football to you! 

Do you offer early registration discounts?

Yes! The earlier you register for our program, the more you save! You do not need a promo code. You can find early and late registration deadlines for each season when you go to the individual registration page of that specific season.

I signed up for the wrong league/division. How can I switch?

Please contact a member of our team and we will be able to help you get your player placed into the right league or division. This is a simple fix on our end, so just let us know via email and we will quickly make the proper adjustments. DO NOT select the correct league/division on your account and place it in your cart after completing the incorrect registration. This only complicates the process on our end. Simply reach out to us, we will fix it, and you will receive a confirmation email when it goes through!

If I can't participate anymore, can I get a refund?

We are only able to offer refunds prior to the season due to other special circumstances. Please reach out to your local staff regarding your need for a refund at [email protected]. Typically, we will credit you for a future season if something comes up last minute.
Once uniforms are ordered NO more refunds will be offered.

Can my kids sign up for the same team?

Yes! When completing the registration process, there is an option to “request a buddy”. Here you will enter the name of your teammate request. You must type the buddy requests for each player, even if you are registering multiple players on the same transaction. I can guarantee you that if you utilize the "teammate request", we will have those players on the same team.

Are your football programs co-ed?

All of our programs are co-ed! We also are offering Girls only divisions! 

What's the difference between recreational and competitive flag?

Recreational Flag Football and Competitive Flag Football differ in several key aspects:

Skill Level: Recreational Flag Football is generally designed for players of all skill levels, including beginners and casual participants. It prioritizes fun, inclusivity, and a relaxed atmosphere. On the other hand, Competitive Flag Football is geared towards more experienced players who possess a higher level of skill and athleticism. It emphasizes intense competition and higher performance standards.

Focus on Winning: While winning is always a goal in both recreational and competitive settings, the emphasis may vary. In Recreational Flag Football, the focus is more on participation, enjoyment, and fostering a sense of community. Winning is not the sole objective, and the emphasis is on fair play and sportsmanship. In Competitive Flag Football, winning becomes a primary focus, and teams strive to outperform their opponents with a more intense drive to achieve victory.

Team Composition: In Recreational Flag Football, teams may be composed of players with diverse backgrounds and skill levels, often allowing friends and family members to play together. Competitive Flag Football typically involves more structured team compositions.

Game time differences: In Recreational Flag Football there is only going to be one referee per field. The referees will explain penalties more in depth and may not call all penalties as they happen. For example they may warn a team about a penalty before calling it next time. It is a learning experience for both players and coaches. In Competitive Flag Football there will be a minimum of 2 referees per game. The referees will call penalties as they see them .

Both Recreational and Competitive Flag Football offer their own unique experiences, catering to different player preferences and skill levels. It's important to choose the type of league or game that aligns with your goals, whether it's for fun and socializing or seeking a higher level of competition.

Starting Spring 2024 we will offer an ELITE COMPETITIVE DIVISION. The elite competitive division  represents the pinnacle of skill and competition. Teams and players showcase exceptional athleticism, strategic prowess, and a deep understanding of the game. With intense gameplay, fast-paced action, and high-level skills, this division features seasoned athletes excelling in Flag Football. Winning becomes the primary focus, with a drive to outperform all opponents. WE WILL NOT BE PLACING ANY FREE AGENTS IN THIS DIVISION! ALL TEAMS MUST COME FORMED ALREADY! Minimum of two referees per game, penalties are called as seen.


How to register a team? 

If you're on the main website and you click a program description for the division you want to sign up for, it asks if you're signing up a player or signing up yourself to coach. Select volunteer and it opens the registration form where you fill out your info. Then it asks for a team name, practice info, and team color choices. Click submit and it shows you the team code.

If you're logged into the website already, go to your account page, click on the volunteer tab, and look at the different league options to select your league and create the team.

Once you've created the team, you can visit your team page by going to your account page on the website, click on the volunteer tab, and click on your team name which is hyperlinked. This takes you to the team page where you can view your roster and everything else. If you go on the roster tab there you will see "manage roster invites" this is where you can plug in parent emails and send out the code directly to them. 

Do I need a copy of my child's report cards to play?

Yes, you will need to provide a copy of your child's latest report card or school registration to play. You can upload this to your account on the website prior to the season starting. This ensures that we have fairness across the board, and hold each team accountable to our age cut off. 

Having trouble uploading? Please do not send your birth certificates to your local staff. First of all, be sure to complete this process on a computer. The mobile version of the website is not as easy to upload documents on. If you absolutely cannot get it uploaded on a computer, reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

How do I know what grade group my child should play in?

Co-ed Grade based groups are broken up into Pre-K, Kindergarten-1st Grade, 2nd-3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, 6th-7th Grade, 8th-9th Grade and our High School divisions. , with grade being for the 23-24 school year. 

Girls only Grade based groups are broken up into Kindergarten-2nd Grade, 3rd-5th Grade, Middle School, and our High School divisions. , with grade being for the 23-24 school year. 

For example, to be eligible for the Kindergarten-1st grade Co-ed group, your player must be in either kindergarten or 1st grade during the 23-24 season.

Players can play up in age groups, but will not be allowed to play down an age division. So a 3rd grader can play in the 4th-5th grade division but a 4th grader CAN NOT play in the 2nd- 3rd division 

  How can I become a coach?

Find a league near you. During the registration process for your player(s), you can sign up as a coach and either register a full or partial team of players, OR individually register as a coach by leaving the player information empty.


Create an account on our website

'Volunteer' yourself as a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Team Manager

Fill out your roster

Sign your own child up

Call, text, or email each parent and let them know the following: Location, Style of Play, Registration Link, and ask them to please be sure to put your name in the 'COACH REQUEST' field as you register.

What happens if our game is cancelled due to weather?

If one game per team is cancelled due to weather we will NOT reschedule the game. If More than one game per team is cancelled we will reschedule the games during the future weeks. The league operators will notify coaches as soon as possible. 

GEAR / ORDERS                                                   

Are uniforms included with the registration?

Yes, your registration includes a jersey with matching shorts for your team!

When will I receive my player's 

Uniforms for each team are ordered and shipped together, and usually arrive the week of the first games. Once all the team uniforms arrive, they will be distributed to the coaches before the first games, who will then hand them out to each player.

Can I return my child's jersey if it doesn't fit?

Please review the sizing charts and directions before you finalize your uniform selection. We cannot guarantee a replacement uniform can be ordered. Depending on the uniform sizing and color we may be able to separately order one for $35. 

Does my child have to wear a helmet?

We do everything we can to give our players the best and safest experience possible. At this time, helmets are not required by Gridiron for 5-on-5 Flag.

What gear is required for my child?

5-on-5 Flag


Pocket-less shorts




What divisions are offered?

We will offer the Pre-K Fundamentals divisions, Co-ed Grade based groups are broken up into Pre-K, Kindergarten-1st Grade, 2nd-3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, 6th-7th Grade, 8th-9th Grade and our High School divisions. The co-ed teams can chose between recreational or competitive 

Girls only Grade based groups are broken up into Kindergarten-2nd Grade, 3rd-5th Grade, Middle School, and our High School divisions.

What is Pre-K fundamentals ?

Our 3v3 Pre-K Fundamentals group will have shorten games, a smaller field and will use t-shirts instead of uniforms due to the smaller sizes required. This division is a building block for all young athletes to get out there, learn the very basics and have fun! They will not compete in the end of season tournament. We will not formally keep score on their games. They also will not have double header games. They will play 5 games in 5 weeks throughout the season.

Can boys and girls play on the same league?

Absolutely, our program seeks and encourages inclusive participation. We offer both Co-ed and Girl only 

What is the High School division? 

 High school division will be 7 on 7 played on larger field. It will still be flag football but adding the 2 extra people on the field. High schools are encouraged to bring their players to get extra reps and help the skills they need to play tackle. 


How long are the games?

Our 5 on 5 flag games are two 18 minute halves with a short halftime period.

What is the Gridiron policy for misconduct?

Players, coaches, spectators, and officials must avoid profanity, disrespectful language; racist, sexist, homophobic remarks; obscene or threating gestures/ behavior; and bullying. Foul play will not be tolerated. If a player or non-player fails to comply with our requests, we have the authority to forfeit the game and have that individual(s) removed from the rented complex. Alcohol, intoxicants, tobacco products, vaping, weapons and drones are prohibited at our events.

What is the Gridiron policy for fighting?

Fighting will lead to an immediate ejection form the game, possible suspension, or even a lifetime exclusion from future Gridiron events.

Can an official sit a player out for poor behavior?

Yes, all unsportsmanlike conduct and egregious personal fouls will be accompanied by a cool down period at a minimum.

Before, or instead of, disqualification or ejection an official may order, but is not required to, a player a “cool down” period if the official chooses.

Players should think of this “cool down” as a warning before being disqualified or ejected and be thankful for it.

What days are games played?

  Games will be played on Saturdays 

When is practice?
Practice days and time are determined by each coach. They will reach out to you and let you know your practice days and times and locations.

Will I have to pay a gate fee to enter?
Our regular season games will not charge a fee but depending on the end of season location a gate fee may be required for spectators.

We will communicate this before hand so everyone will know.

Players and Coaches will get in free.

Do you offer Scholarships?

Yes!! We offer scholarships for
financial hardship and some athletic scholarships as well!
For more information please email [email protected]

What is the uniform reuse program?

Been on the same team for a while? Last seasons uniform still fits? Getting custom jerseys with your team? Save some money with the uniform reuse program! If you do not need a uniform for the Fall 2023 season you can select to do the uniform reuse and save $15 on your registration!!! *NOTE USING THIS WILL MEAN NO UNIFORM IS ORDERED FOR YOUR PLAYER SO MAKE SURE YOU ONLY USE IT IF YOU DO NOT WANT A NEW UNIFORM!*

Want to volunteer with Gridiron Football? 

If you or anyone you knows would like to volunteer please sign up on the registration or email us and we will get you all signed up! 

Could not find an answer to your question here?  Reach out to our local staff! - DFW Staff


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